Stephanie Davenport

As Founder, CEO, and Head Coach of PRIME Strategy, Inc., Stephanie is dedicated to the company’s mission to help people and organizations thrive while remaining relevant in the face of an accelerating pace of change.

Stephanie led the build of PRIME Strategy as a cross industry strategic advisory and coaching company. She serves as a Trusted Strategic Partner with a focus on a variety of areas including strategic coaching, innovative strategy, execution excellence, and business and technology transformation.

Stephanie  is technology trained and business savvy with a reputation for driving transformational results. She has enjoyed over 25 years of high-level experience in advisory, leadership, and coaching roles with leading companies including: Consumer Technology Consulting Manager at KPMG, Interim Global Head of Technology Marketing at Bank of New York Mellon, Chief Technology Officer of Bizbase at JP Morgan Chase, Vice President of Technology at Bank of America, Senior Vice President of Technology and Banking Operations Strategy and Performance at SunTrust Bank, Real Estate Agent and Strategic Advisor to Top Performing Agents, Advisor to Start-up Company Vibe Foodz, and Strategic Coaching Partner to Chick-fil-A Franchisees.

Stephanie has been recognized nationally as a “Distinguished Achiever”. Her talents, experience, and perspective uniquely position her as a strategic coach to business owners and enterprise leaders. She is a sought-after strategist and coach for her ability to challenge the status quo and bring clarity to ambiguity, simplicity to complexity, visibility to blind spots, and roadmap to vision. She is relentless when helping clients, whether a startup or established organization, clarify their “why”, seize operational and growth opportunities, and solve execution challenges. 

Stephanie has a knack for bringing people together! She enjoys connecting and uniting teams, business leaders, entrepreneurs, community members and stakeholders in a manner that builds synergy and strengthens their focus on the common good. She has worked extensively with senior level leaders across multiple business verticals. Stephanie has also served as Co-Chair of the Forsyth County Georgia Board of Education’s Strategic Planning Steering Committee, Co-Chair of the Women’s Network of a Fortune 500 Company and Host for a number of entrepreneur forums.

Stephanie received her bachelor’s degree in Business Administratin and Information Systems from The Ohio State University. She is all too familiar with the art of “Thriving in Your Now while gaining momentum on Your Next” and being resilient and agile enough to pivot as the situation requires. Stephanie frequently reflects on her “Playbook of Personal and Business Success” that did not exist at the start, but that evolved over the years through her experiences and reading about, interviewing, observing, and coaching others. Her intent is to help make this process easier for other individuals and organizations. 

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